HSQE ポリシー

Health, Safety, Quality & Environment Policy

MANTLE QUEST JAPAN (“MQJ”)’s goal is to maintain and improve health and safety of all employees, safe drilling and marine operations of the CHIKYU, and environmental preservation at a high level and consequently to provide the high-quality drilling services as required by our customers.

We recognize that health, safety, environmental preservation, and quality assurance are crucial factors to be kept up in conducting our business and operations, and that by making every effort to achieve the targets we have set, we are able to make more contribution to society.

To achieve such targets, MQJ has maintained the integrated HSQE Management System (“HSQE MS”) conforming to the ISM Code, ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and the relevant international and domestic regulations.

I will ensure that we continue to provide the necessary educations and training programs and the management guidance in connection with the HSQE MS to all employees and I request all employees to perform their respective duties always in accordance with the HSQE MS Manual and other related documents.

All employees are entitled to stop or suspend any works being carried out if and when it is found that health, safety, environmental, or quality assurance risks are not adequately controlled as well as to demand re-evaluation of those risks and take preventive measures based on the HSQE MS.

I am confident that all employees will accomplish their respective duties with zero incident by observing the HSQE MS.

In closing, the ultimate responsibility for implementing the HSQE MS rests with me as President of MQJ.


Akito Furutani
President and Representative Director
Mantle Quest Japan Company, Ltd.
June 18, 2021


当社は、全従業員の健康・安全、「ちきゅう」の安全操業、品質の保持、環境の保全(Health, Safety, Quality, Environment、総称して“HSQE”)を高いレベルで維持するとともに更なる改善を重ねることにより、顧客の要求に合った高品質の掘削サービスを提供し続けていくことを目指しています。


当社は、創立当初からHSQEに関する統合型管理システムである「HSQEマネージメントシステム(“HSQE MS”)」(ISM Code、ISO9001、ISO14001に適合)を導入し、その運用を通して目標の達成に取り組んでまいりました。

当社は、今後も、HSQEに関する教育やトレーニングおよびガイダンスを全従業員に提供し続け、全従業員に対してHSQE MSマニュアルに従って各々の業務を遂行することを要請してまいります。


全従業員がHSQE MSを遵守し、一切の事故を起こすことなく、各々の業務を遂行されることを心から期待いたします。