The World Record of Total Drillpipe Length in Scientific Ocean Drilling.

In April 2012, Japan Trench Fast Drilling Project, offshore Oshika Peninsula in Miyagi prefecture, we drilled 854.8 meters from the seafloor under 6,897.5 meters water depth below the sea level (the total drillpipe length from the sea level to the bottom hole is 7,752.3 meters).


The World’s First Gas Production from the Methane Hydrate Layers

In January 2013, the First Offshore Methane Hydrate Production Test was conducted at offshore Atsumi Peninsula and Shima Peninsula, Japan. We contributed to success in producing gas from the methane hydrate layers.(We carried out as a part of the research and development business of METI.)


The World Record of Deepest Drilling Depth in Scientific Ocean Drilling

In December 2018, Nankai Trough Seismogenic Zone Experiment drilling expeditions at Kumano-nada, offshore Kii Peninsula, Wakayama prefecture, Japan, we reached to drill 3,262.5 meters below the seafloor (at 1,939 meters water depth).